ERA CONSUMER Malaysia contributes towards shaping actions and decisions of communities to live a life of dignity and sustainably and not further exacerbate the climate crisis, corporations to act responsibly and the policymakers to govern fairly, in alignment with human rights principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, thereby reducing inequity, inequality and vulnerability on people and the environment in Malaysia.

ERA CONSUMER Malaysia utilizes three levers of change to address the challenges and opportunities that people face for their well-being and planetary health: We empower consumers and the vulnerable citizenry at large through technological advancements to assert their rights; we monitor and influence businesses; and we urge policymakers to put people first. We use these levers to advance human rights, consumer rights, digital rights, financial fairness, safety, and sustainability by conducting evidence-based advocacy as well as forging partnerships with key stakeholders to amplify our impact on a representative democratic society, the marketplace and the environment through sustainable actions and lifestyles that lowers carbon emissions, reduces waste and results in lower costs.

In a rapidly changing landscape of digitalization and climate crisis, ERA CONSUMER Malaysia focuses on building resilient citizenry communities equipped with knowledge, skills and tools to assert their rights either in the physical and digital spheres in accordance with human rights principles and sustainable development goals. Sustainable development is only possible if human rights principles such as non-discrimination, diversity, inclusion, participation and the rule of law are respected.

We empower and engage people—through our grassroots participatory activities targeting vulnerable communities and in partnership with other civil society groups to develop sustainable communities and build collective action to hold the powerful corporations to account. We act as a watchdog towards ensuring both corporate and government accountability. And we partner with policymakers to develop and enforce laws & regulations that ensure a justiciable representative democratic society that includes a fair, secure and safe marketplace.